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Sadness posted on11.12.04
At 10:57PM
mood: depressed
.. sit back and let her die slowly ..

I'm really sick of this. All of this. I'm sick of my mom ignoring me when I tell her I think I'm depressed. Or when I tell her I get panic attacks alot. Or when I trll her guys make me nevous, but it just doesn't seem normal. I don't mean the ones I like, just guys in general. One I don't know well. They scare me.

I hate being alone. I hate feeling that I'm uncared about and unloved. I hate feeling that the only people who do love me are very few. I hate feeling that no guy would give me the time of day because I'm not preppy or popular or listen to that shitty music. I hate feeling like no one will ever like me. Ever.

I hate how I get attached to people and then get my heartbroken. I hate how I let my emottions show. I hate how people pretend to care, because I know the ones who really do. I hate when people piss me off by making fun of my friends or making them feel like shit.

I hate being me in every aspect. I wish I were someone else.

*You said you'd love me forever .. well .. what happened to forever .. *

Yeaa ..

.. don't cry she didn't love you anyway .. x3
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First Post 
Sadness posted on11.12.04
At 2:59PM
  Heyy guys. I just ask that you read and now the rules. Well .. I'll leave you to it then!  
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Sadness posted on11.11.04
At 10:22PM
  Woot hooray for new communityness  
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